Custom Built. Just For You.

Our cabinets aren’t built by machines on an assembly line. They’re hand crafted by Amish master craftsmen with years of experience and expertise. No detail is overlooked, no process rushed. This careful attention to detail results in fine cabinetry that will take your breath away. After all, if you’re going to do something – do it right….

Make It Yours…

Every dream is different, and so is every home. You need cabinetry that is build to fit both. That’s why we offer custom built cabinets and storage solutions that cater to your every need. With plenty of styles and options to choose from, there’s something for everyone.



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You can finally have the cabinets you need – exactly how you want it. We offer flexibility and options that you can’t get with standard, manufactured cabinetry. Solid wood guarantees durability and longevity. A massive¬†stain and paint palette promises virtually limitless possibilities. Hardware to fit every style and taste assures fully personalized work. And a satisfaction guarantee to go along with all of it.

Centier Specialties is here for you!